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We provide Mindfulness Training.

We teach …….mindfulness skills that research shows is highly effective in reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing.

We offer………..

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction         (MBSR)
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy       (MBCT) for non-clinical populations
  • Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention     (MBRP)
  • They make up our signature Headroom programmes.

Mindfulles in Dundee

  • Our very successful signature programme, Headroom Free, provides a direct service to under-resourced and marginalised communities such as those on benefits and suffering the effects of chronic low pay (below the living wage). Your donations help finance places on this programme.
  • This course is the subject of  a research paper shortly to be published in the prestigious journal Mindfulness called “An investigation into the Efficacy of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in Enriching Community Well-being within Regeneration Areas” which is focused on Whitfield, Dundee.

Mindfulles in Dundee

  • We also know that mindfulness is beneficial in every setting and offer additional mindfulness workshops, training, retreats and personal coaching.

      Headroom Course Variations and Formats

  • Headroom Standard ( MBSR/MBCT)……                                                                                 Public Group-based fee paying weekend courses….
  • Headroom Discovery…...  tailor made sessions designed around your needs                     I hour, half day and full day for corporate, government, 3rd sector etc.
  • Headroom Follow-Ons……ongoing training…..to deepen the practice experience.
  • One to one training.

Mindfulles in Dundee

  • All our courses are led or supervised by Ven. Karma Jiga, one of the UK’s leading meditation teachers. He is the only Bangor assessed and accredited mindfulness teacher in Scotland at present.
  • Karma Jiga has authored a short meditation instruction book called Introducing Meditation; for beginners to more experienced which you can download here for a donation of £2.50. All donations help fund places on the Headroom Free programme.
  • All fees after administration are donated to Nilupul Foundation to fund places on Headroom Free courses for the disadvantaged.
  • Our course leaders have trained at the world famous Centre for Mindfulness and Research at Bangor University and the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches in Dublin.
  • Our aim, is to provide a high standard of training and to engage in novel and interesting ways to promote mindfulness through community-based activities.

Mindfulles in Dundee

Those who have taken our courses have said that they:

  • discovered new and effective ways of managing their stress
  • can deal with thoughts, moods and emotions more effectively
  • cope better with physical, mental, emotional and social challenges
  • live a more fulfilling life

Mindfulles in Dundee

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