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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Our courses are designed to help you discover and develop new ways of working with difficult physical sensations, feelings, moods or impulses.

Research has shown that these skills help in reducing stress, chronic unhappiness (depression) and with the recognising the impulses that cause relapse.

Mindfulles in Dundee

The courses are:-

  • held over 2 weekends, 1 month apart.
  • consist of two 4 session blocks, 2 sessions daily each lasting 2 hours.

During the sessions  you will:-

  • work together as a group, in pairs & in threes.
  • learn core mindfulness practices.
  • have the opportunity to discuss your experience of them.
  • be instructed in home practice.

After the sessions you will:-

  • receive recordings to use as a guide (mp3 audio downloads).
  • receive a  chapter of the manual with additional information.

Mindfulles in Dundee

The course fee is £200, payable prior to attending and after filling in the online application/health information forms.

Mindfulles in Dundee

Those completing our courses say they have experienced long-term benefits like:

  • A greater sense of wellbeing
  • Are more optimistic
  • Are more energetic
  • More relaxed
  • An increased ability to manage stressful situations.


Mindfulles in Dundee

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