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mindfulness-classes-in-dundee Mindfulness for busy people

Tuesday evenings

These courses are built around monthly modules consisting of four/five weekly sessions. Each session is stand-alone. You can begin at any time within each module, attend for single sessions  or for the full module. Participants are guided stage by stage through practices that will help them reconnect with themselves and their lives. This should lead to a greater enjoyment of living and a greater appreciation of who we are, what’s around us and just what we are capable of.


These are micro or mini mindfulness courses designed for busy people and combine meditations from both the traditional and modern schools of mindfulness-based approaches to life and living and include meditations for sitting, standing, lying and walking.

These are

  • ongoing 4/5 week courses
  • consisting of  90 minute sessions
  • on Tuesday evenings, 7.30 – 9.00 pm
  • throughout the year.

Each session features

  • A short Lecture
  • Guided practice
  • how to sit
  • meditation techniques
  • Session management
  • interactive dialogue and discussion regarding your direct experience of the practice
  • A session break at end of course for refreshment and social interaction as part of mindfulness development.

To gain maximum benefit from these courses, you are advised to engage in formal home-practice daily and practice integrating the techniques you learn into your working day in the form of short effective mini practices and by applying the techniques you learn to everyday activities.

Most people completing our introductory Mindfulness courses have experienced :

  • An increase in ability to focus
  • An increase in mental flexibility
  • Finding more meaning in their life
  • A greater sense of wellbeing
  • Being more enthusiastic and energetic

Thanks for your interest!

We wish you well in your quest for personal development and self health!


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