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Our exciting new projects include:

Working with those

  • Suffering  from cancer
  • Suffering from the effects of stress caused by the effects of poverty
  • Designing Mindfulness based applications for community projects that blend modern technology and the arts.

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Mindful Arts Dundee (MAD!)

Applying mindfulness based approaches in community arts projects like……..

  • A proposed new theatre production involving electronic arts, music and dance
    This will include mindfulness based meditations as part of the performance itself!
  • A heritage arts project that allows young artist to learn about traditional arts and it applications.
    The methods of the ancients and renaissance artists explored and expressed authentically.
    The skill of creating public art and project digital archiving.
  • A time-based arts project to allow budding digital artists to express themselves
    This project will focus on using everyday things to create animated digital masterpieces!

Or know someone who’d be interested!

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