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Name               Karma Jigamindfulness-teacher-karma-jiga

Position           Teaching Lead & Programme Innovation

e mail               karmajiga@nilupul.org

wellbeing-centre-in-dundeeKarma Jiga has 45 years teaching and practice experience and has been taught by the founders of the modern Mindfulness Movement such Jon Kabat Zinn, Mark Williams, John Teasdale and many leading teachers in the mindfulness field such as  Rebecca Crane etc.

Karma Jiga holds an MSc in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches with merit + pass from the world-renowned Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University in Wales. He has extensive experience of applying the techniques taught in Industry (Engineering, Music, Mining and Oil), Education, The Arts, Business and Research.  He is also a published author and an  award-winning musician & composer and is known as a project innovator, designer, developer, manager and completer, from micro to world recognised. He is the Founding Director & CEO of Nilupul Foundation.

Karma Jiga was also trained personally and extensively by  the foremost of teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu Tradition for 25 years and has experience of establishing and managing meditation, mindfulness and wellbeing projects in the UK, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe and the East.



Just recently published in the journal Mindfulness; Feasibility and Efficacy of an Adapted Mindfulness-Based Intervention (MBI) in Areas of Socioeconomic Deprivation (SED). To view the accepted version click on the tab Papers. Further will follow should he choose to take up the offer of a PhD in Scotland’s public Health University.

He is also the author of ‘Introducing Meditation’ short introduction to meditation for beginners and those with some experience. This will shortly be rereleased through Kindle e book publishing.


mgName               Maggie Powell

Position           Nilupul Centre Director, Assistant Teaching Lead

e mail               maggie@nilupul.org

wellbeing-centre-in-dundeeMaggie Powell

She has studied with the foremost of teachers from the modern mindfulness traditions such as Jon Kabat -zinn, Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Thich Nat Hahn and under the direct guidance of Karma Jiga. She has 10 years practice experience and is a certificated Mindfulness teacher through the European-based Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Dublin. Her training includes the Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice at Bangor University .b & paws.b courses for children.
Maggie is a qualified music teacher and therapist, has taught children of all ages in the UK and USA in both state and Montessori Systems for able bodied and special needs using both traditional  and ground-breaking teaching technologies. This aids her work in Karma Jiga’s Headroom programme through which she is gaining extensive experience in innovation, creation, management and the teaching courses, including the integration of modern inbound and neuro marketing techniques as teaching aids.

wellbeing-centre-in-dundeeResearch Interest
Maggie has an interest in investigating the benefits of educational mindfulness programmes for children in primary and secondary education.